10 Best Teas for a Delightful Afternoon Experience

10 Best Teas for a Delightful Afternoon Experience

Are you ready to elevate your afternoon tea experience? Discover the perfect teas to complement your delightful afternoon gathering. Whether you're hosting or attending an afternoon tea, selecting the right teas can enhance the overall enjoyment of this cherished tradition. In this article, we'll explore the 10 best teas to savor during afternoon tea. From robust black teas to delicate white teas and refreshing herbal blends, there's something for every tea lover. So, let's dive into the world of tea and create an unforgettable afternoon tea experience!




Afternoon tea has been a cherished tradition for centuries. It provides a moment of relaxation and indulgence in the midst of a busy day. While the food served during afternoon tea is essential, the choice of tea plays a crucial role in elevating the experience. Each tea has its unique flavor profile that can enhance the flavors of the accompanying treats.

Now let's explore the 10 best teas for afternoon tea.


Black Teas

Black teas are known for their bold flavors and rich aromas, making them a popular choice for afternoon tea. Here are four black teas that are sure to elevate your tea experience:

English Breakfast

English Breakfast tea is a classic and luxurious blend of black teas. Its full-bodied flavor and copper infusion make it a staple for afternoon tea. Whether enjoyed with or without milk, English Breakfast tea pairs beautifully with both savory and sweet treats.

Earl Grey

Earl Grey is undoubtedly one of the most popular black tea blends. This citrus-infused tea, flavored with bergamot oil, is a delightful choice for afternoon tea. Its versatility allows it to pair well with both scones and sweets. Consider serving Earl Grey tea to add a touch of elegance to your afternoon tea gathering.




Known as the "champagne of teas," Darjeeling is a sophisticated choice for afternoon tea. This black tea comes in first-flush or second-flush varieties, each with its unique flavor profile. The brisk and astringent flavor of Darjeeling tea pairs beautifully with both savory and sweet treats, making it a delightful addition to your afternoon tea menu.




Malty and rich, Assam black tea is a favorite for tea enthusiasts. You can savor it as is or customize it with milk and sugar according to your preference. The robust flavors of Assam tea complement creamy sweets, scones, and cheese-based savories. Indulge in the boldness of Assam tea during your afternoon tea experience.



Green Teas

If you prefer a lighter and more delicate tea option, green teas are a perfect choice for afternoon tea. Here are two green teas that will enhance your tea experience:

Gunpowder Green Tea

Gunpowder green tea gets its name from its pellet-shaped leaves, which resemble gunpowder. This green tea has a bold profile with oaky undertones. Its robust flavor pairs well with savory dishes commonly enjoyed during afternoon tea.



White Tea

White Tea is a delicate tea with fresh, slightly sweet, and earthy notes. Its refreshing flavors make it an ideal accompaniment to light and fruit-based sweets. Best enjoyed without milk, White Peony tea adds a touch of elegance to any afternoon tea gathering.


Oolong Tea

Oolong tea offers a unique and nuanced tea experience, falling between the flavors of black and green teas. Consider this milk oolong tea for a creamy and aromatic addition to your afternoon tea menu:

Milk Oolong Tea

Despite its name, Milk Oolong tea doesn't actually contain milk. It derives its name from the naturally creamy and smooth flavor profile. With notes of honey orchids, this Oolong tea can be enjoyed on its own or paired with scones and sweets such as mini cakes, tarts, and cookies.



Herbal Tea

For those seeking caffeine-free options or unique flavor profiles, herbal teas are a wonderful choice for afternoon tea. Here are three herbal teas that will add a delightful twist to your tea experience:


Chamomile tea offers a floral and naturally sweet apple-like flavor. Its soothing characteristics make it a perfect match for afternoon tea sweets and scones. Consider ending your tea time with a cup of chamomile tea for a relaxing and soothing experience.


Peppermint tea offers a refreshing and cooling taste, with a delightful mint flavor. This naturally caffeine-free tea pairs well with the entire afternoon tea menu, from tea sandwiches to scones and sweets. It's especially delightful when enjoyed with chocolate-based treats.




Elevate your afternoon tea experience with the perfect selection of teas. From the robust flavors of black teas to the delicate profiles of green teas, the world of tea offers endless possibilities to enhance your tea gathering. Don't forget to explore the unique flavors of oolong teas and the soothing qualities of herbal blends. With the right tea selection, your afternoon tea will be a delightful and memorable experience for everyone involved.


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Remember, the key to a successful afternoon tea is not only the tea itself but also the joyous company and the delectable treats that accompany it. So, gather your loved ones, steep a cup of your favorite tea, and savor the delightful moments that afternoon tea brings.